How to Increase Seo Blog Traffic By Making Your Web Site stand out


If you have a blog or you’re thinking of starting a blog, you might think about what makes some blogs so popular? How do you make unique content attached to your readers?

The key is to make your blog stand out. Want to know how? Continue reading to learn how to increase blog traffic.

Is blogging important?
Is blogging needed? With 95% of the abandoned blogs and the market looks saturated thanks to boothemoth blogging like the media, you might wonder if your website even needs a blog.

Yes, your business does need a blog. In fact, businesses that focus on blogging can get an increase in ROI 13x.

What’s more, blogging can capture you more direction. Companies that have 401-1,000 content pages can get an increase in prospects six times. This is compared to businesses that have 51-100 pages of content.

More content produces more customers and shipping forms that can make you more lead.

Another major benefit of blogging includes higher search engine traffic. With more than 40,000 searches done every second on Google, you want to take advantage of this market.

Another benefit of blogging includes:

Help you become a leader in your industry
Help you make an inbound link
Personalize your brand
Want to learn how to create a blog that reaches all this? Let’s get started.

Create quality content
The top way to increase blog traffic is to create quality, relevant content. You must find the right topic that speaks to your audience and answers their questions or teaches them something new.

How do you find the right topic to be written? You do research.

Determine your audience
To find out what topics should be written, you must define your audience first. If you choose a blog topic before understanding your audience, you might finally write articles that don’t think your readers are useful.

For example, the bread might blog about how to bake the perfect cupcake or how to make a ganache chocolate frosting.

However, customers who buy from the bakery may not be interested in baking their own cupcakes. In fact, they bought from a bakery because they did not have time to bake and they enjoyed bread cupcakes.

In this case, the bakery is blogging about the topic of grilling, but it does not have to serve their target audience.

To find your target audience, you can start by looking at the product or service you sell. What do people look for in your service? How will your product help them?

Next, select your audience demographic. You can focus on the following demographics:

Where are they live
If they are married or single
What they do to make a living
When you answer every question, you can narrow your audience and get a better idea about what to write.

You can also do research by sending surveys to your current blog reader. You can also search online and see forums and discussions in your industry, such as reddit. Another tip is to see competitors and see what topics they write.

Keyword research
After you define your audience, you can examine which keywords will be used to reach the reader. If you want a high ranking in search online, you have to spend time researching and choosing the right keywords.

You can use Google keyword planners to see what keywords people are looking for and their monthly average search. You can use the tool to enhance your list and narrow your keywords.

Keyword research can help you with local search too. For example, if you are a plumber in San Jose, California, your list may include “plumber in San Jose” or “repair toilets in San Jose.”

In fact, according to local SEO: the main guide to rank your local business, optimizing your website with keywords and proper content is a second ranking factor for local organic searches.

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