What You Need to Know About Getting a Knighthood


An honor that British citizens can be proud of is getting knighted. In the ancient days, knighthoods were armored military personnel. But, today, anyone can be a knighthood. The requirements are achievable by ordinary citizens. So, what is knighthood all about? Read on to learn more.

What is a Knighthood Award?

Knighthood culture comes from medieval times. Just as the awarding process-a sword touch from the monarch. Britain men who receive knighthood enjoy the title “Sir.” While “Dame” is for women who receive this honor. 

Anyone who has made notable achievements in any activity can get the award. The achievements should positively impact the Britain community within the country or abroad. Non-Britons also qualify for the honor. But, they cannot use the titles “Sir” or “Dame” unless they change their nationality to Britains.

How to Get Knighted

Anyone with extraordinary achievements in sports, arts, volunteerism, among other activities, can get a knighthood award. Some companies can help you with how to get knighted. The companies will advise you on making a successful knighthood application.

The second approach of getting a knighthood is through nomination by the government or anyone who recognizes your achievements. Your nominator will forward the nomination credentials, which include:

  • Your details
  • Your achievements
  • At least two letters from other people who support your nomination

The nomination details are forwarded to the Cabinet Office for shortlisting.

Who Appoints a Knighthood or Dame?

The power to appoint knighthood or damehood is upon the reigning monarch. However, they must get counseling from the Secretary of State for Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

The secretariat bodies consist of committees that examine the applications. Independent experts step in during the examination process to ensure the process is fair for everyone.

Once the queen approves the honors list, letters are sent to the qualified nominees for acceptance. The list is formally approved when the nominees accept the honor. The approved list is forwarded for printing in the official Crown newspaper, the London Gazette.

Does a Knighthood or Damehood Earn a Salary?

No, knighthoods or damehoods do not earn monetary benefits from their titles. However, receiving knighthood or damehood is a high-level achievement in the UK. The award raises your profile significantly. Everyone across the world recognizes knighthood or damehood titles. It’s a legacy that you and your family can be proud of throughout your life.

Revocation of Knighthood Award

An appointee to the knighthood honors list has a right to turn down the honors. Apart from the appointee revoking the appointment, the appointing authority can annul the award.

For instance,  Fred Goodwin, former Royal Bank of Scotland chairman, had his knighthood revoked in 2012 after the bank suffered the biggest annual loss in British history.

Knighthood is a prestigious award in Britain. You can get on the honors list through appointment by the government or nomination by people who have faith in your achievements. These achievements should positively impact the Britain community at local or international levels. While this award is prestigious, it doesn’t come with monetary but intangible benefits. 

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