Different Ways To Slow The Spread Of Fire In An Office


There are rules and regulations covering commercial spaces, including offices, to help ensure they are a safe environment and are protected against fire. There are many things you can do in an office to help mitigate the damage a fire can do should one start and help to keep everyone in the office safe. To see some of the regulations you must adhere to, you can click here, and below, you can see some things you can do to help stop a fire from spreading quickly should one start in your office.

Install A Fire-Rated Ceiling

Installing a suspended ceiling with fire-rated ceiling tiles is an excellent idea to increase the safety against fire in your office. Many makes of ceiling tiles can last for an hour in a fire before they combust, giving the fire brigade plenty of time to get there. They can help prevent the spread of fire and provide the occupants of your office plenty of time to evacuate should a fire start.

Plasterboard That Is Fire-Rated For You Walls

You can also install high-quality fire-rated plasterboard to the walls of your office, which can help stop a fire from spreading so quickly. You can use this on your entire office if you wish, but under fire prevention guidelines, all emergency exits should use fire-rated materials. Fire-rated plasterboard can be rated for up to 30 minutes in a fire, which can make the difference between life and death should a fire occur.

Choose Flame-Retardant Upholstery

You can also choose office furniture with flame-retardant upholstery that will not catch fire easily and can help slow its spread. You must ensure that you invest in quality office furniture that is comfortable to use, durable, and meets the minimum criteria for flame-retardant materials. You can create an extremely comfortable office that will protect you and your employees should the worst happen, and a fire breaks out.

Emergency Lighting

You will also need to install emergency lighting in your office that comes on in emergencies such as a fire. The emergency lights must be powered independently, many of which are mains charged and have batteries that will last several hours. The emergency lights will show people where to go and highlight the fire escape routes, helping people to get free of the fire.

A Reliable Fire Alarm

Your building must also have a fire alarm system with various alarm points. When the fire alarm is activated, the emergency lighting kicks in, which will help direct office occupants to the nearest fire escape. You must test your fire alarm regularly and perform fire drills with your employees so everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire.

Hoses & Extinguishers

You must also provide fire hoes and fire extinguishers for your office, which you can use should a small fire start. There are six different types of fire extinguishers you can get that are suitable for different types of fires, which are as follows:

  • Water
  • Powder
  • CO2
  • Water Mist
  • Foam
  • Wet Chemical

Ensure you select the most suitable extinguishers for your office, and you may need to have several different kinds to keep your office safe.

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