Bitcoin’s advantages and disadvantages



This is a form of digital currency. No one has control over it. Being a digital currency, it’s not printed like a rupee, euro or dollar. However, they are produced and made by people for various transactions. The more, more businesses start using it for various types of activities. These currency forms are mostly made by software that can solve complex math problems. After saying something about this digital currency, it’s time to talk about the pros and cons so that people can decide whether they have to do it. In this article, we will only include it for the benefit of our readers.


1. It is possible to send and get money at a certain time. Time factor and distance will not limit the user when he uses this currency.

2. He will control money when using this currency. He is not hampered by holidays and other obstacles when making transactions with him.

3. Traders become unable to charge additional fees on anything secretly. Therefore, they are forced to talk to customers before collecting any fees on the transaction.

4. All transactions using this digital will be safe on the internet network because users can encrypt it.

5. Users can complete transactions without disclosing any personal information.

6. Because transactions using Bitcoin occur online, everything is well documented. So, anyone can see the transaction block. However, personal information will still be available to others. Therefore, it will be a transparent transaction

7. Bitcoin-based transactions cannot be charged or attractive costs very low. Even if it is charged, the transaction gets a priority on the network and is executed very quickly.

8. Because there is no personal information with transactions, traders get protection from potential losses even if fraud occurs.


1. This currency network is not known by people. Therefore, they need to know about this digital currency.

2. To spread the word Bitcoin, the network is needed. At present, only a few businesses can use this digital currency.

3. At present, transactions based on this currency are very volatile because only the number of coins is limited.

4. Because of the large demand for this digital currency, the value continues to change every day. It will settle only when demand stabilizes on the market.

5. Because this digital currency system is in a baby condition, not many software is available on the market to make it safe transactions.

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