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New Fire Regulations - Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order


Fire safety law changed in October 2006. The new law:


Emphasises preventing fires and reducing risk


Makes it your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who uses your premises and in the immediate vicinity


Does away with the need for fire certificates


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order requires that all premises must have:


A Responsible Person – this is either the employer, occupier or owner of the building who must carry out a fire risk assessment, provide adequate ‘general fire precautions’, consider the safety of all relevant persons, record both the significant findings and the control measures taken and provide adequate training for staff.


A Competent Person – who must have “Sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to properly assist in undertaking the prevention and protection measures”. This person will assist the responsible person to fulfill his/her duties (it is possible to have a ‘competent responsible person’). If there are not any suitable candidates for the role of competent person, then third-party assistance is advised.


A Risk Assessment for the premises.

 For further information on the reform order go to the Communities and Local Government's website

If you need help, advice or training for your workplace 'Responsible Person' or wish for AB fire to carry out your Fire Risk Assessment please contact us. A.B. Fire Safety specialise in Fire Risk Assessments and have provided this service to many of our customers. By carrying out inspections of the workplace we produce detailed but simple to follow risk assessments and often liaise with local Fire Services to produce recommendations the ensure you comply with fire safety legislation.

If you require any help or guidance regarding these Regulations please contact  us: AB Fire Contacts

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