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Fire Awareness &

Extinguisher Training

1.5 Hour Course

This course is designed for persons who may have to use an extinguisher in hotels, offices, shops, and industrial premises or residential care homes. This course will provide all members with greater fire safety awareness and is designed to increase their confidence in the action to take in case of a fire occurring.

They will learn about the theory of combustion and causes of fire and the way to fight fire, including the types and correct use of fire extinguishers. Candidates will use a Live Fire Training Unit to learn how to use fire extinguishers correctly and safely.

The Fire Safety Course is a 1.5 Hour course carried out in your workplace to reduce downtime. All course material, handouts and extinguishers are provided for a maximum of 12 candidates.


Staff will gain a greater awareness of the dangers of fire and will have more confidence to deal with a fire situation.


Fire Safety practices will create a safer working environment.


Training can save life and property.


Training will help in an emergency evacuation situation.


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